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We all have someone who has inspired us, who has pushed us to be better. Being in the kitchen with my grandma was just that. Her love for food and cooking was contagious. She never wasted food or ingredients, she always had homemade soup in her freezer, and she wasn’t afraid to try new recipes. Some of my best memories with my grandma involve delicious food. At least once a week she made salmon and every Saturday morning you could count on blueberry pancakes. Those traditions are the memories I will always keep close. She allowed me to flourish as a cook right beside her. Cooking is more than good food. It is an expression, an art, and takes technique. You get better with practice. Now that we have shared this love for food she will always be near me in the kitchen.

 Here are some tricks and tips she taught me that I use almost weekly: 

1. Save water after boiling potatoes and use it as a broth for soup. Freeze it or keep it refrigerated if using it within a week.

2. Use fresh ingredients whenever you can.

3. When boiling pasta, save about 1/3 a cup of pasta water to pour onto the pasta to help the sauce stick to the noodles.

4. Add ‘Better than Bouillon’ to your rice while it cooks for a great flavor.

5. Always taste your food before it is served, whether it is your creation or you are following a recipe.

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