My Whole30 Experience


Five months before I was mentally ready to commit to the Whole30 challenge I did a lot of research. I also stopped eating as much refined sugar. What I noticed the most from not eating refined sugar? I had 100% more energy! I wasn’t on a sugar roller coaster all day. A mother of two toddlers, that makes a world of difference! My two boys are my biggest motivation to be the best me and for me to teach them how to do the same! Finally the summer was coming to an end and we settled in North Carolina, I knew it was time to do the Whole30 challenge!

What makes Whole30 easy to transition into? You have to be prepared. Weekly meal plans, vegetables, sauces, pre-prepared! I washed all my lettuce ahead of time and wrapped them in paper towels to keep them fresh. I had pre-sliced onions, peeled garlic, sliced sweet peppers, kale washed and cut all bagged in my fridge. I was excited to make food if it was going to be quick and I was more likely to eat healthy. Unhealthy food is easy and that is why we turn to it. I had canned tuna and salmon in my pantry. I had snacks like sugar free dried fruit, nuts, larabars and seeds within reach. I spent about $40 more every other week than I normally do. Since ghee, coconut butter, and fresh food cost more.

We all do whole30 for different reasons and thankfully it has the ability to help all of us. I wasn’t looking to loss weight but I wanted more energy, become aware of bad eating habits, and cleanse my body of processed foods and sugar! Thats exactly what it did! It wasn’t easy and I was the only one in my family doing it. The way I eat will forever be changed. I can officially say now that I eat healthy. I have eaten healthy for most of my life but it is different now. Something people who haven’t done whole30 would not understand. I am committed to eating cleanish. I am much better about moderation and not just being mindless about what I put in my mouth. I eat a ton more vegetables and I listen to what my body really needs. I can’t believe I am ‘that person’ now at the grocery store looking at every ingredient before I put it in my cart! There is sugar in everything. It is disburbing and no wonder we are all addicted to it. When sugar is being passed around my body tells me ”it is just not worth it” and I don’t mean calories, I mean feeling tired and bloated.



I still eat veggies for breakfast!!! 😉

Below are my favorite whole30 dishes and recipes I will continue to make and enjoy! Whole food is so beautiful, it made me more creative in the kitchen and made my taste buds come alive!


Zoodle ‘BLT’ Avocado Pasta


Apple Cinnamon Pork with Sweet Potato Puree and Pomgranate Reduction


Asian Turkey Meatballs with Purple Coleslaw


Crockpot Sweet Pork Salad


Sweet Potato Crusted Frittata


Chicken Coconut Curry Stew


BAE Sweet Potatoes Breakfast Bites


Italian Tomato Chicken over Butternut Squash Puree


What I missed the most with whole30? Cheese, textures like bread, rice, ice cream, and being full for longer than 1 to 2 hours. ‘hangry’ can be very real with whole30. That is why being prepared is so important. You must have excessable snacks with you at all times! You will be less motivated and less excited about the positives of whole30 if you are starving all the time. I bought my favorite chocolate bar a few days before whole30 ended thinking I would eat as soon as I could. It took me two weeks to even take one bite of it. When before I would easily eat the whole bar in one night. It took me a month to eat the chocolate bar. If that doesn’t prove how my body doesn’t need or want sugar anymore I don’t know what could. I was blown away that I had no desire to eat it. The greatest lesson I learned from whole30… if and when I go off track, it is so easy to return back to a cleanish way of eating. Before I would get stuck eating a lot of sugar or processed foods. Now within a day I can turn it back around. Whole30 gave me confidence and allowed me to know what my body does and doesn’t need. If you think you want to do whole30, be prepared and give it 100%. That is the only way you will see results and truly get out of it what you deserve!

I want my family to be healthy and feel good. I want my kids to grow up and know how to eat healthy. I am teaching them that. For example my three year old will chose oatmeal for breakfast over a sugar cereal any day. My almost 2 year old will eat anything I eat and want more of it. With moderation of sugar and being introduced to healthy eating at 6 months old they don’t know any different. I am grateful for my whole30 experience and how it put processed foods and refined sugar into prospective and how I want to keeps those foods far away from my family!



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